About Us

Here’s our story.

My husband is a licensed massage therapist, and when he told me one of the biggest problems his clients have is neck pain, we wanted to do more than provide some temporary relief. Drawing from his experience treating a variety of clients, including top athletes, we developed a pillow that helps eliminate pain and restore motion.

So, after many sleepless nights, we came up with a unique pillow design that would reclaim those long-lost ZZZs. We really hope you enjoy the pillow of our dreams.

* Our daughter mostly provides emotional support and gives a thumbs down to bad ideas with abandon, but, hey, that's teamwork.

Sleep Right. Sleep Tight.™


One Fresh Pillow in the News

"When National Guard Protecting U.S. Capitol Slept, 130 Laid on Pillows From Tallahasee."

Published January 21st, 2021

“Good deeds also make good business.

Tallahassee-based One Fresh Pillow sold out its inventory in one day following retweets from celebrities and politicos who praised the company's donation of pillows to National Guardsmen in Washington, there for Inauguration Day. “