Find your bestnights sleep.

Our patent-pending pillow is constructed with a different fill on both sides—fluffy on one side and supportive on the other. It's one size fits you, no matter how you sleep or which side you sleep on.

Freshen up.

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Single white pillow, standard size, with blue One Fresh Pillow tag
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Signature Pillow

For your best-ever night’s sleep.

From $69
two white pillows, standard size, with blue One Fresh Pillow tag
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Signature Pillow, 2-Pack

A 2-pack of our signature pillow. Use them both or give the extra to someone you love.

From $119
600 Thread Count Sheet Sets
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600 Thread Count Sheet Sets

Take your sleep to the next level. Our 600 Thread Count Cotton cotton bedding is the perfect complement to the One Fresh Pillow you already know and love.


    From $165
    Bath Pillow
    Sold out

    Bath Pillow

    Feel so fresh and so clean while you soak the day away on our comfy bath pillow. 

    Contoured Sleep Mask

    Contoured Sleep Mask

    Go ahead, sleep in. Our contoured sleep mask will block it all out while cradling your face in comfort. This super soft mask has a gray microfiber exterior and a breathable, contoured interior that applies gentle pressure to your sinuses and forehead while leaving your sensitive eye tissue untouched. This sleep mask is easy on the eyes. 

    Small black spray bottle with blue One Fresh Pillow label

    Sleep Spray

    Drift off and dream. This calming, gently-fragranced lavender spray soothes the senses so you can get some zzzs.



    Koozies. Coolies. Cosies. Huggers. Whatever you call them, our branded OFP beverage coolers will keep your drink nice and cool, like it's fresh out of the fridge.

    Highest quality neoprene to maintain perfect drinking temperature.

    Washable and Reusable.


    Slim Can: 3.5" x 6"

    Standard Can: 3.75" x 6"

    Every pillow comes with

    30-Night Trial

    Free Shipping Over $125

    Recycling Program

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why a pillow subscription?

    Pillows have historically been treated as durable goods when, in today’s materials, they really aren’t. To be fair, it’s not the materials themselves that won’t last forever. Left alone, they will outlast any of us.

    Inside pillows, though, these materials are getting beaten up. We lay our big heads on them, sweat on them, toss and turn on them. They start to clump up, they aren’t as supportive as they used to be, and then your pillow isn’t as effective as when you bought it.

    Our subscription service makes replacing your pillow painless

    How often should I replace my pillow?
    Ideally, pillows should never have a birthday.
    How soon will I get my order?
    Orders currently ship out within 1-2 business days!