Waiting For Our Ship To Come In

Waiting for our ship to come in.

Hey, Pillow Fam!

We've got shipment news, and we're all gonna need a stiff drink to process it. Go ahead and pour a glass. We'll wait.....

The good news!

Pillow production is going exactly as planned! Our factory is beating their deadlines for having our pillows produced. We went from ordering a container of pillows every year to ordering a container of pillows EVERY MONTH, and they've kept up with us beautifully. (Side note: Mr. and Mrs. Pillow are fully vaccinated and can't wait to visit our friends in China as soon as we can.)

The less good news...

Thanks to the Suez Canal, the entire shipping industry is going through some things. Yes, the canal is clear, but ports around the globe are facing major backlogs. 

Here's what we know: Our pillows are safely in their container. That container is at the harbor. We even have a boat assignment!  All we're waiting on is clearance to load the boat and get the heck out of the harbor. It takes about 3 weeks for our container to get from the harbor to our fulfillment center. If you're doing the math, you can see where this conversation is headed. Pillows are going to ship to you starting in late May at best. At this point, we feel like June is the more reasonable estimate. 

Is this ideal? No. Are the pillows worth the wait? Our plethora of  5-star reviews say yes!

Speaking of customer service, Melissa is here Monday through Friday, answering your emails. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything while you wait for your order to ship. 

As always, we are beyond thankful for the support you've all shown us during this crazy period of growth. We thank you for your patience and your grace. We are nothing without you, our Pillow Family.

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